Elmstead Cottages
Self Catering Cottages in N.E.Victoria, Australia
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About us

Elmstead Cottages is run by Marja and Tony Jarvis . Tony is a fourth generation farmer on the picturesque family farm, raising  beef cattle and growing grass-seed crops. Marja came to Cudgewa from the Netherlands in 1987 and instantly fell in love with the countryside, the mountain views, the beautiful valleys and the Murray River(... and with Tony!)  


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Tony and Marja married in 1989 . Marja became passionate about sharing this beautiful corner of North East Victoria with other people .   T hey opened their first cottage, Elmstead Cottage in 1995. Two years later they restored a historic cottage on the farm. They named it Arthur’s Cottage, after Tony’s great-great uncle who built it in 1870. He raised 9 children in the small cottage, part of which is on display in the Man From Snowy River Museum in Corryong. Tony's father Ken handrafted some of the furniture in both cottages from red gum that he found on the property.